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Prof. Dr. Musa Hakan Asyalı
Vice Rector, Dean of Faculty of Engineering:

Tel: +90 242 245 00 50
+90 242 245 00 45

Email: musahakan.asyali@antalya.edu.tr, asyali@gmail.com

Greetings! I am a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Antalya International University (AIU), in Antalya, Turkey.

  • My research interests are mathematical modeling of physiological systems, biomedical signal and image processing, and application of optimization theory to biomedical problems. Recently I started to work on the analysis of micro-array data.
  • Previously, I worked
    • as a Professor of Computer Engineering at Yasar University in Izmir, Turkey (2005-2008)
    • as a researcher at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2001-2005, and
    • as an Associate Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dept. at Ege University in Izmir, Turkey.
  • During my Ph.D. studies, I worked on the modeling of the interaction between sleep state and respiratory control in obstructive sleep apnea under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Michael C.K. Khoo at the Biomedical Engineering Dept. of University of Southern California in Los Angeles, USA.
  • I got my Bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey.
  • I am proud to be graduate of Ankara Fen Lisesi (Ankara High School of Sciences) and Yildirim Beyazit Secondary School in Ankara, Turkey.
  • Last (due to chronological ordering) but not least, I honor the memory of my great primary school teacher Kadir Yasar at Telsizler Primary School in Ankara, Turkey.


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